Why “Sunstone Mamas”? The Sunstone is known as a stone of personal strength, and good nature. It reflects the qualities of light, bringing warmth and clarity of the mind. It is a joyful stone encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. The Sunstone helps to dissipate fearfulness and alleviate stress while increasing vitality and originality.
Sounds incredible right!?! Alas, I’m not here to sell you stones or crystals, I am here to coach you along the path towards your inner Sunstone. Twelve years an educator and nearly 6 years a mom have filled my world with insights on living in fulfillment and happiness alongside the beautiful chaos that is taking care of children!


No goal is too big, no feeling is too small. 

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"Sunstone Mamas" is privately owned consult and coaching 

designed for moms of one to five year-olds. Based in NC, available worldwide!