I'm Not New To This

Dual Certified Educator, Mommy, Kidding Around Yoga Teacher and Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Harnessing skillsets that have helped thousands of parents and children, translating them into everyday language, and combining them with strategies I KNOW to be successful. Then delivering them to you personally wherever you are in your journey.

Helping moms find solutions big and small to everyday living. Turning mama woes into Warmth, Optimism and Empowerment!

Let's Go!!

Introducing Sunstone Mamas!

These smiles ain't fake!! One look through my IG and you can see there is JOY in my house every single day!

Text “Positive” to 919-590-9638 if you’re ready for more smiling, laughing and forward moving redirection!

No Spanking, No Yelling, No Belittling, No Punishment over here! Lots of Discussion, Redirection and Natural Consequences.

Text “Peaceful” to 919-590-9638 if you’re ready for less fussing, yelling, and WTF moments!

We work smart and play hard. Do what makes sense. There's no extra credit for struggling!

Text “ME” to 919-590-9638 if you’re ready to make the day, the week, the vacation work for YOU!

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